Anjana (collyrium to the eyes), Nasya (nasal drops) and Gandusha (Mouth gargles ) – Ayurveda

 Anjana ( collyrium ) :

सैविरंज्जनं नित्यं हितंक्ष्णोस्ततो भजेत | ( अ.हृ.सू. २/४)

After cleaning of teeth ( danta- dhavana ) use of sauviranjana ( Anatimony sulphide) as collyrium is excellent for protecting eyes.

Advantages of Sauviranjana :

  • Eyes become lovely and clean.
  • Able to see even minute objects.
  • All the three colored parts of the eyes will become well defined.
  • Eyelashes become smooth and firm.


  • As eyes are associated with tejo (agni-fire ) mahabhuta predominantly, continuous use of sauviranjana (collyrium ) provoke kapha dosha.
  • Therefore, rasanjana (prepared from darvi kvatha - Berberis aristata) is to be applied once in a week to alleviate the vitiated kapha for keeping the vision clear.

After anjana vidhi, navana karama (nasya or nasal administration), gandusha (mouth gargles), Dhumapana (inhalation of medical fumes) and tambula sevana (betel chewing) are to be conducted.

Nasya (Nasal drops) :

After the use of collyrium application of nasal drops with anu taila and then gargling is adviced.

Advantages of nasal drops :


Regular use of anu taila as pratimarsha nasya ( administering 2-2 drops in each nostril)-

  • Keeps the shoulders,neck and chest strong.
  • Voice becomes sweet.
  • Mouth becomes fresh and free from foul smell.
  • All the sense organs becomes clear and strengthy.
  • Skin becomes wrinkle free.
  • Hair never becomes grey.

Gandusha-Kavala-dharana (gargles) :

  • Holding the liquid drugs i the buccal cavity for a specific period without moving the drugs is known as gandusa.
  • Whereas in Kavala dharana, kalka dravya is used and it is allowed to move in the oral cavity for a specific period.

Advantages of gargles :

  • Gives strength to the mandibular joints.
  • voices will be cleared.
  • Gives strength to the mouth.
  • Dryness in the mouth and cracks in the lips are relieved.
  • Relieves toothache and strengthens the gums.
  • Khadira, kshiri vrksha, irimeda etc. are the drugs of choices for kavala-dharana.
  • Anorexia, foul smell of the mouth, salivation etc. will be relieved.
  • Gandusa with luke warm water will make the mouth clean and cheerful.

Duration of gandusa/kavala-dharana :

  • Gandusa and kavala should be done till the person gets watery discharge from the nose and eyes.
  • After nasal drops and gargles , inhalation of smoke ( prayogika dhuma), use of perfumes and garlands are adviced.

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