Tanbula Sevana (Pan/ betel chewing) – Right method, Benefits and contraindications.

 Tambul is called pan or betel leaf. pan chewing is the part of ancient Indian custom. It is also mentioned i healthy daily routine ( Dinacharya) by acharya charaka and sushruta. Needless to say, it comes with its own benefits.


Ayurvedic facts of betel chewing (Tambula sevana) -

ततो नव्न्गन्दुशधूमतांबुल भाग्भवेत | ( अ,हृ. सू. २/६)

After Anjana the person should make use of Navana ( Nasal drops ), Gandusha,  dhuma and Tambula.

By chewing the tender betel leaves ( Piper betle) along with betel nut (Areca catachu ), jatiphala ( Myristica fragrans), lavanga ( Syzigium aromaticum), Karpura ( Cinnamonum camphora), Kankola (Piper cubeba), pudina etc. keeps the mouth fresh, tasty and good smell.

Ideal combination :
Chewing pana by taking two betel leaves along with one betel nut, slaked lime and the extract of khadira is beneficial to the persons- after getting from sleep,having food,taking bath and after vomiting.

It is advisable 3 to 4 times per day. Excessive chewing of betel leaves causes of impairs the physique, diminishes strength, injures eye sight, dulls the complexion of the skin, losses teeth and root of hair and causes deafness. It aggravates both vata and pitta, excessive chewing weakens the digestive power.

Contraindication for Tambula sevana ( pan chewing) -

It is contraindicated for person who is suffering from Injury to the chest, raktapitta (bleeding disorder), dryness in the body, eye diseases, epilepsy, alcoholic toxication, dryness of mouth and tuberculosis etc.

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