Udvartana (Powder massage) and Samvahana (mild massage or pressing by hands) – Benefits : Ayurvedic concepts.

 Udvartana ( Powder massage) :

उद्वर्तनं कफहरं मेदस : प्रविलायनं |
स्थिरिकरनमन्गानां त्वक्प्रसादकरं परम् || (अ.हृ.सू.२/१५)

Massaging (with fine powder) in the opposite direction of hair follicles with high pressure is known as udvartana.
By the regular conduction of udvartana - Kapha is mitigated, fat is liquefied, body parts became firm and skin becomes healthy.

Types :

Udvartana is of 3 types-

(a) Udvartana : Drugs used in udvartana creates pravilayana and vimlapana.

(b) Udgharshana : Massage with powder of herb without oil means here dry and rough drugs are used.

(c) Utsadana : massage with paste of herbs with oil.

Benefits of Udvartana :

  • ·     Helps in losing weight

  • ·      Improves skin complexion.

  • ·      Helps to relieve stress and induce relaxation.

  • ·       Removes blockages in blood vessels.

  • ·       Stimulates fat metabolism.

  • ·       Reduces and balance vata and kapha.

  • ·      Highly beneficial for people with diabetes and obesity

  •        Udgharshana dialated blood vessels and enhances the agni in skin.
  •        Utsadana enhances the complexion in women's, gives pleasure, cleanliness, auspicious, feeling of lightness and other such beneficial qualities.

    Samvahana (mild massage or pressing by hands) :

Samvahana is mild massage or gentle touch, started from foot to waist which produces pleasantness (sukhakara sparsha). Samvahana enhances affection sleep and virility takes away kapha and vata, tiredness and produces clearness of Marma, Rakta and Twaka. It also acts as sukhakaraka.

Precautions :

·         Udvartana should always be done under the supervision of a Panchakarma expert.

·         People with high blood pressure and skin infections should avoid going for udvartana.



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