Vyayama (Exercises) – Features, Benefits and contraindications for vyayama : Ayurvedic concept.

 Vyayama (व्यायाम) Exercises :

शरीरयसजननं कर्म व्यायामसंज्ञिकं |   ( सू.चि. २४/३८)

Activities, which produces tiredness to the body is known as vyayama.

The physical actions, which enhancing then strength of the body, increases the digestive fire, Dosha kshaya, when performed in the required times is called vyayama.

Features of proper exercise :

Sweating, increased respiration rate, lightness in the body and increased heart rates are the features of proper exercise.

Benefits :

लाघवं कर्मसमर्थ्यं दिप्तोअग्निमेदस : क्षय : |
विभक्त घनगात्रत्वं व्ययमादुपजायते || (अ.हृ.सू. २/१०)

  • Body becomes light.
  • Able to perform normal duties with enthusiasm.
  • Increases the power of digestion.
  • Reduces the fat and body parts become distinct and Firm.

Contraindications for vyayama :

  • Person suffering from vata and pitta disorders.
  • Patients suffering from kasa(cough), shwasa(dyspnoea), krusha, kshaya. Raktapitta, Injured, Shosha, children, old age, those who are having indigestion, after food and after maithuna karma should avoid Vyayama.

Disadvantages of excessive exercise :

Excessive exercise leads to the following complications like-

  • Trushna (thirst)
  • kshaya (emaciation)
  • pratamaka (severe dyspnoea)
  • Raktapitta (haemorrahage)
  • shrama (exhaustion)
  • Klama (tiredness)
  • kasa (cough)
  • jwara (fever)
  • chardi (Vomitings) etc.

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