Sadvritta and Dashavidha papa (Ten sinful acts)

 Sadvritta (code of right conduct) :

What is the meaning of Sadvritta in Ayurveda ? ( Code of right conduct )

Sad   - good
Vritta- Regimen

Sadvritta refers to good personal and social behaviour which gives hitha ayu (life beneficial to society) and Sukha ayu (life which gives individual happiness). It is also called sadachara.

Acharya Vaghbata describes Regimen of right conduct i.e Sadvritta as :

जीर्णे हितंमितं चाध्यन्न वेगानिरयेद्वलात |
ना वेगितोsन्यकार्य : स्यान्न्जित्वा सध्य्मामयं || (अ.हृ.सू.२/१९)

  • To maintain positive health one must have wholesome and limited food only that too after completion of the digestion of the food consumed earlier.
  • Natural urges like urine, faeces etc. should not be expelled forcefully.
  • At the time of the urge one should not attend any other work.
  • Initially treat the curable diseases.

सुखार्था :सर्वभूतानां मता: सर्वा: प्रवृत्तय: |
सुखं च न विना धर्मात्त्स्माधर्मपरो भवेत् || (अ.हृ सू.२/२०)

All the activities of the human beings are meant for happiness only. Such happiness will not be happened without dharma ( right moral conduct). Therefore one must always persue right conduct.

Dashavidha papa ( दशविद पाप ) - Ten sinful acts :

हिम्सास्तेयन्यथाकामं पैशुन्यं परुषानृते |

संभिन्नालापं व्यापादंमभिध्यां द्रुग्विपर्ययं |
पापं कर्मेति दशधा काय्वाक्मान्सैस्त्यजेत || (अ.हृ.सू.२/२२)

One should avoid the ten sinful acts (pertaining the mind,speech and body)- mentally, orally and physically.

Sinful acts of the body :

  1.Himsa (cruelty)
  2.Steya (stealing)
  3.Anyatha kama (unlawful sex)

Sinful acts of the speech :
  4. Paishunya (slandering)
  5.Parusha vachana (abusive/harsh words)
  6.Anrta vachana (false)
   7. Sambhinna alapa (dissention)

Sinful acts of the mind :

   8. Vyapada (hatredness)
   9. abhidhya (jealousy )
  10. drig viparyaya (misunderstanding).

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