Snana ( Bath ), Effects of cold and hot bath and contraindications of snana.

 Snana (स्नान) (Bath) :

दीपनम् वृष्यमायुष्यं स्नान्मुर्जबलप्रदं |

कण्डु मलश्रंस्वेदतन्द्रा तृष्ण दाहपाप्मजित || (अ.हृ.२/१६)

Advantages of bath :

After doing massage, if one takes bath person-

  •  Increases appetite. Heat exerting from the body through sweat pores is being obstructed and sends back to the original place and enhances the power of digestion.
  • Improves sexual vigor.
  • Enhances the lifespan.
  • Improves body strength.
  • Removes itching, dirt, exertion, sweat, fatigue, thirst, burning sensation etc.

Effects of cold and hot water bath :

Cold water bath cures the bleeding disorder, hot water bath excluding head enhances strength and destroys vata and kapha.
Normal bath with hot water gives strength to the body but the head bath decreases the strength of the hair follicles and eyes. Hence head bath with hot water is contraindicated.
Hot water on Adhokaya i.e below the neck improves body strength and hot water bath on the head leads to loss of strength, hair and sight gradually.

Contraindications for Snana  :

Persons suffering from -
  • Ardita vata (facial paralysis)
  • Netra roga (eye disorders)
  • Asyaroga ( mouth disorders)
  • Karna roga (ear disoder)
  • Atisara (diarrhoea)
  • adhmana (abdominal distension)
  • Pinasa (coryza)
  • ajirna (indigestion)
  • Bhuktavasthu (Immediately after having food) etc

are contraindicated for taking bath.

- Don't take bath in rivers and ponds when the water is insufficient and never take bath nakedly.

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