Bhojana (eating food ), Method of eating, Activities after meals and prohibited acts after food intake – Ayurvedic concepts

 Bhojana :

The food should be consumed twice a day i.e morning and evening only like 'Agnihotra' it should not be taken in between. The food should be taken timely is good and effective to body.
The food consumed immediately after feeling hungry, gives satisfaction, strength, dharana i.e ability to carry out routine function,improves memory, Ayu(prolong lifespan),color,ojus,shukra and appearance.

The food that contains the quality prescribed for food items in the classics should be consumed twice a day daily considering the factors like Desha, Kala, etc. by the individual.

Bhojana Karma :
Purva karma ( Before eating activities) to be adopted before food consumption-
भोजनग्रेसदापथ्यंलवणाद्रकभक्षणं | अग्निसन्दिप्कंरुच्यंजिव्हा कण्ठ विशोधनम् || (भा.प्र. ५/१२३)
According to acharya bhavaprakash and yogaratnakara,
Before taking food, one should always chew small pieces of adraka (ginger) well mixed with Lavana (salt) as it is a very beneficial practice and promotes the Agni, increase appetite and cleans up tongue and throat.

Method of Eating -

While eating, one should be involved in the process mentally and physically and start with Madhura rasa dravya (sweet). Followed by Amla(sour) and Lavana items and lastly Katu,Tikta,Kasahaya Dravya, thus a broad indication regarding the order of 'sadrasa' (six tastes) in eating the food is stated,

Bhaojanottaravidhi (activities after meals) -
After taking food, one should remove the food particles in the hand by the other clean hand; should remove the food residues remaining in the teeth by sodhana; should clean the water trickling from the fingers;should get the mouth pleasant by betel leaves etc; persons who have taken more liquid food should not sleep or lie down for long time.

Shatapada :

one should walk at least for hundred steps immediately after taking full meals; this will helps relieving the congestion of food in the stomach causes pleasantness in the Neck, Knee and waist region.
Prohibited acts after food intake :

One should avoid certain activities after eating- Riding of vehicles, Swimming,exposing to fire and sunlight, Bath, Smoking, Running etc..

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