Nisargopachara (Prakritika chikitsa) – Definition, history , aims and objectives.

' Nature Cures, not the Physician' - Hippocrates.

Nature cure is a constructive method of treatment which aims at removing the basic cause of disease through the rational use of the elements freely available in nature.

Naturopathy explains that health can be promoted by eating well balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, maintenance of the healthful weight and avoiding toxic habits like smoking, drug addiction etc.

Definition and derivation :

Naturopathy, Naturopathic maedicine, Nature cure, Nisargopachara these all synonymously used terminologies.
निसर्गोपचार-निसर्गोपचार is the combination of two words निसर्ग+उपचार
निसर्ग is an अ करान्त पुल्लिन्ग शब्द, derived from नि and  सृज धातु , धञ प्रत्यय means स्वभावतः
उपचार is an अ करान्त पुल्लिन्ग शब्द, derived from उप् चर् धातु, धञ प्रत्यय means रुक् प्रतिक्रिया.
  • Naturopathy- A drugless system of healing by use of physical methods (Dorland's medical dictionary)
  • (nature+o+pathy) A system of treating disease, largely employing natural agencies such as air, water, sunshine etc. and rejecting the use of drugs and medicine(New millennium 4th edition
  • The treatment of diseases etc. without drugs involving diet, exercise, massage etc(Oxford dictionary 3rd edition)
  • The therapeutic living application of constrictive laws of nature is called Naturopathy (Dr. Henry Lindlahr).

Aims of Naturopathy :

Naturopathy aims at educating people, for following healthier way of life and protects themselves against diseases by natural methods like Mud therapy, hydrotherapy, fasting etc.

Principles behind naturopathy :

The method of curing diseases by the elements of nature is called naturopathy or naturopathy. Nature therapy is also defined as a harmonious and nature-friendly, drug-free treatment. Naturopathy is an alternative treatment. Every person has an underlying treatment for an illness that is or is occurring, and that person has a natural ability to cure illness or disease, as well as an immune system. The principle behind this treatment is that it is possible for the person to cure the disease or maintain the health.
Naturopathy is a traditional treatment method that is adopted with minimal discomfort to the body. This method uses minimal surgery and medications. Adopts stress control, proper regulation of healthy diet, mental balance and 'proper' use of Panchmahabhutas. This treatment is believed to prevent the disease from occurring and if the disease occurs, the internal 'consciousness' will cure it completely. If the disease is not completely cured, the severity of the disease can be reduced with the help of soil, water, sunlight and fresh air.

The following are the six basic principles of naturopathy :

Naturopaths have to follow these principles.

The patient should be treated with care to avoid any injury.

Recognize the innate immunity of the person's body, respect the healing power in his body and create in him the consciousness to cure the disease on his own.

Identify the causes behind the disease and address them. Appearing symptoms should not be suppressed or ignored.

Everyone should be educated to keep their health healthy. Encourage him to stay healthy. Also, convince yourself that you are responsible for your own physical abilities.

Treatment should be done by considering each person's habits, diet and illness.

Everyone should explain the importance of health to the people and society around them. Also tell them how to avoid illness and how to stay healthy.

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