Suryakirana Sevana – Heliotherapy (Sun Therapy)

Chromo therapy also known as chromotherapy, color therapy, light therapy, heliotherapy is  a science of healing with colours in various forms and intensities.

Sun is the prime and ultimate source of energy for all beings. Energy is required by plants, animals and human for their daily activities. We get the energy from food. The stored energy in food is also achieved by Sun.

Sun light is form of energy representing Agni among the Panchamahabhuta.Sun ray have seven colors.(VIBGYOR) each color having its own properties. These colors are employed through irradiation over the body or chemotherapy by administering charged water, oil, poll for therapy.

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Based upon methods of exposure to light

1) Basking in morning sun : Morning time is ideal . One should lie down on the ground in morning sun rays without wearing the cloth or minimum cloths. The head and genetalia should be covered  with cotton cloth or green leaves of banana.
Expose the body in supine, prone and lateral positions alternatively.
Initially one should practice the sun bath until a pleasant feeling of warmth is felt (about 30 min.) and then continue till the onset of sweating.
a) It is useful in skin disorders e.g. eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections.
b) It stimulates the adrenal and sex hormones.
c) It increases muscular strength.
d) It increases energy.
e) It makes the bones and teeth strong.
2) Mild sun bath : This bath is taken when sun rises high in the sky, usually within 3 hours of sunrise when heat is mild.
The patient should lie down on a bed sheet spread on the ground and remain almost naked wearing minimum cloth, covered with a thin dry cloth. The duration is 15 minutes.
3) Walking sun bath - Louis kuhne's sun bath : It is taken in the same way as mild sun bath, but a dry cloth is covered on the body and wet cloth is kept on the diseased part , eyes and face, It is continued till sweating starts. The sweat is wiped off with the cloth. It is followed by cool bath.
Duration : not more than 40 min.

4) Trunk pack sun bath : This bath can be taken in spinal bath tub or other suitable for taking bath in lying posture
Duration : Patient may lie down till he feels relieved.
5) Whole pack sun bath
6) Sun gazing : 

For defective eye sight with open eyes during sun rise is very mild sun rays daily for 5-15 min is good. After gazing or before gazing it is desirable to wash the eyes by repeatedly applying balls of wet cloth dipped frequently in very cold water and partially squeezed to hold more amount of water.

Time for Surya kirana Chikitsa

Sun bath in the morning and within 3 hours after sun rise and evening in mild sun rays.
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Main source of vitamin D
  • Stimulates digestive power and Increases immunity
  • Eliminate the toxic substance through skin.
  • Stimulate the synthesis of melanin pigment.

Precaution during sun bath -

  1. The head, face and eyes should be protected from direct sunlight
  2. Start with minimum time of 5 min and gradually increase upto 40-45 minutes of exposure to sunlight.
  3. During Sun bath divide the duration of exposure into 4 and expose all sides of the body i.e Supine prone, left lateral and right lateral.
  4. Sun bath should be taken in the place devoid of breeze.
  5. After sun bath one should have water bath.

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