Diet Types – Soothing, Eliminative, Constructive, Positive and Negative diet, Acidic and Alkaline diet.

 Food is considered as medicine in naturopathy. The natural food helps to eliminate the toxins deposited in the body and enhance the vital energy and immunity.

Types of food or diet - in naturopathy there are two types of food i.e positive and negative.

Positive (primary food)

Negative (secondary food)

Healthy food

Alkaline in nature

Light and easily digestable

Rich in cellulose or roughage

Rich in vitamin and minerals

Helps in elimination of toxins from the body

Non mucus food

Examples- Vegetables and fruits

Unhealthy food

Acidic in nature

Heavy and constipating

Refined food

Rich in carbohydrates, protein and fat

Promotes accumulation of toxins in the body

Mucus producing food

Ex – Cereals, pulses, milk, egg, nuts , non vegetarian food.

Again the food has been divided into three categories :

1. Eliminative diet - liquids e.g. lemon juice, fruit juice, coconut water, vegetable soups, butter milk.

2. Soothing diet - fruit juices, gruel's, butter milk, vegetable soups, vegetable juices, raw salads, boiled vegetables, wheat and rice preparations in limited quantity are recommended.
Vegetables such as cabbage, celery, lettuce, roots like carrot, stringbeans and gourds may be used in the diet.
Ripe fruits of all sorts of great value because they contain germ-destroying acids.
3. Constructive diet - Which consists of curds, milk, boiled vegetables, chapatis , rice, dal etc. Meats of all kinds, beef, tea, coffee and animal broths are strictly excluded because of the presence of tissue wastes, uric acid, creatinine and other substances which are the products of putrefactive changes. The diet should consists of vegetables boiled without adding any type of irritants.
For Healthy person the proportion of positive and negative food should be taken 2:1, in diseased person it should be 4:1 or 5:1
Health promoting rules of diet in naturopathy 
1. Diet should be taken at fixed timings, usually twice a day.
2. Diet should not be taken unless the previous diet is already digestable.
3. Nothing should be taken between the frequent eating and overeating causes indigestion
4. Adequately chewing of food is necessary it makes the food digestible.
5. During the meals one should be happy and quiet.
6. Water should be taken in less quantity with meals.
7. Fruits and salad should be compulsory ingredient of diet.

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