Visrama Chikitsa (Relaxation treatment)


Relaxation is the state in which all mental and physical strain and tension is absent and it is the only state where complete rest is possible. The muscles are relatively free from tension and are at rest.

It is a conscious effort to relieve tension in muscles

Relaxation can be classified into 

A. Mental relaxation (reduce mental stress)
B. Physical relaxation (reduce physical stress)

Also it can be classified into 

A. General relaxation 
B. Local relaxation

Need of relaxation - In order to conserve energy the human body must have periods of relaxation. In healthy individual, it is brought about every night by sound and deep sleep. During sleep, muscles are soft and pliable. The limbs are heavy and mind is perfectly blank. The work of heat and lungs is greatly minimized because there is practically no demand put on these organs. Many patients need the treatment for increased tension by using technique of relaxation.

Mechanism of mental relaxation

Start counting the breathe from number 27 backward to zero. Mentally repeat, I am breathing in 27, I am breathing out 27, I am breathing in 26, I am breathing out 26  and so on back to zero.

Uses - Relaxes the whole psycho and physiological system. Repeat this process few times for relief in mental tension.

Relaxation treatment in common diseases - 

1. Slip disc
2. spondylitis
3. Pain in lower back
4. Mental tension
5. Pain in neck
6. Insomnia and other
7. Psycho and psychological diseases.


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