Visha Data Lakshana, Visha Peeta lakshana, Signs and Symptoms of visha afflicted organs and personal effects.(Poisoning with anjana, Lepa panduka, Abharana)


Visha Data Lakshana- विषदाता लक्षण (Detection of the Poisoner)

अत्यर्थशङ्कितः स्यद्वहुवागाथवाsल्पवाग्विगत लक्ष्मीः |
प्राप्तः प्रकृतिविकारं विशप्रदता नरो ज्ञेय: || (च.चि.२३/१०७)
Acharya charaka has explained Visha data lakshana as follows-

1. अत्यन्त शङ्कित (Very suspicious)
2. One who speaks very less
3. Decreased body fluency.
4. स्वभाव परिवर्तन ( Change of nature of person)

An intelligent physician who is well qualified to ascertain the true state of one's feelings from the speech, conduct, demeanor and distortions of the face, would be able to discover the true culprit (poisoner) from the above external indicators.
And some other indicators are-
  • A giver of poison does not speak nor does he answers when a question is put to him, he swoons or breaks off suddenly in the middle of his statement, and talks incoherently and indistinctly like a fool.
  • He is found suddenly and listlessly to press the joints of his fingers or to scratch the earth , to laugh and to shiver.
  • He will look frightened at the sight of the others (in differently) and his colour changes constantly.
  • He will scratch his head in an agonized and confused state, and will took this and that way. 

Visha Peeta Lakshana- विषपीत लक्षण ( Features of drunk Poison)

सवातं गृहधुमाभं पुरीषं योsति  सार्यते |
आध्मातोस्त्यर्थमुष्णासो विवर्ण सादपिडितः |
उद्धमत्यथ फेनं च विशपितं तमादिशेत || (सु.क. 3/34-36)
Acharya Sushrtua have explained following Visha peeta lakshanas-
1. The black coloured stools will pass as that of smoke produced from house.
2. Froth coming out of mouth
3. Adhamana
4. Hot Tears flowing
5. Colour changes of body
6. Froathy Vomiting
7. laxity of body.

General symptoms of poisoning

Sthavara Visha Samanya Lakshana
स्थावरं तु ज्वरम् हिक्कां दन्तहर्ष गालग्रहं |
फेनवम्यरुचिश्वासमुर्चाश्च जनेयेद्विषं || (च.चि. २३/१६)
The stavara visha produces fever, hiccup, sensitiveness of teeth, spasm in the throat, froathy saliva, vomiting, anorexia, dyspnoea and fainting.

Jangama Visha Samanya Lakshana
निद्रा तन्द्रां क्लमं दाहं सपाकं लोहितहर्षणम् |
शोफं चैवतिसार च जनयोज्जन्गमं विषं || (च.चि.१३/१५)
The Jangama visha produces sleep, drowsiness, exhaustion, burning sensation, inflammation, horripilation edema and diarrhea.
Signs and Symptoms of Visha afflicted organs and its personal effects   
A) विषयुक्त अन्नभक्षन से मुख मे उत्पन्न लक्षण ( By eating poisonous food signs and symptoms occured in Mouth)

i) Pain and burning in Mouth, Palate and lips 
ii) Swelling in tongue, stiffness and discolouration
iii) Dental horripilation
iv) lock jaw
v) Excessive Salivation

B) Amashayagata Visha Lakshanas

If poisoned food goes to stomach
i) Body discolouration
ii) Excessive Sweating
iii) Body parts start fading
iv) उत्क्लेद (trembling)
v) Loss of vision
vi) Arrhythmia
vii) Skin disorders

C) Pakavashaya gata Visha Lakshana

If poison reached to the intestine produces-
i) Fainting
ii) Delusion
iii) Giddiness
iv) Debility

D) Poisoning with Anjana (Collyrium)

In case of Poisoned Collyrium
i) Burning sensation in eyes
ii) Lachrymation
iii) Dust in eyes
iv) Shotha (Inflammation)
v) Lalima

E) Poisoning with Lepa panduka etc

If Foot wear, bed , asan are poisoned then the part of body which gets in contact with it develops burning sensation, numbness, inflammation.

F) Poisoning with Abhyanga
If the material for massage (oil) is poisoned, when applied causes 
i) Itching
ii) Pain
iii) Eruption of boils
iv) Pidikas 
v) Discharge
vi) Inflammation

G) Poisoning with Abharana (Ornaments)

When Poisoned Ornaments are weared then in their respective sites causes burning sensation, suppuration and tearing.

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