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Vatala/ Vatiki Yonivyapad (वातला योनिव्यापद्) 

वातलाहार्चेष्टाया वातलाया: समीरण: |
विवृद्धो योनिमश्रित्य योनेस्तोदं स्वेदनं ||
स्तम्भं पिपिलिकसृप्तिमिव कर्कशतं तथा |
करोति सुप्तिमायास वाताजांश्र्चापरान् गदान् ||
सा स्यात् सशब्दरुक्फेनतनुरुक्षार्तवाsनिलात् | ( च.चि.30/9-11)
Charak writes that women of vata prakriti, when consumes diet and indulges in other activities capable of aggravating vayu, then provoked vayu reaching reproductive system produces pricking and other pain, stiffness sensation as if creeping of ants, roughness and numbness etc. local symptoms and fatigue or lethargy etc. other disorders of vata.
Due to vata, menstruations appears with sound, is painful, frothy, thin and dry(absence of mucus). Chakrapani has explained that this type of bleeding per vaginum may occur even during intermenstrual period or this disorder resembles with vataja asrgdara.

वातला कर्कशा स्तब्धा शुलनिस्तोदपिडीता | (सु.उ.38/11)
सुश्रुत has described only local symptoms i.e roughness, stiffness, acute pain and pricking pain.

Nidana and Samprapti
वात प्रकृति स्त्री, वातल आहार-विहार
वृद्ध वायु योनि प्रदेश मे जाकर
     वातला योनिव्यापद
Lakshana (लक्षण)
स्थानिक लक्षण - Pain, stiffness, numbness, roughness and sensation of creeping of ants in yoni.
                            yoni bhramsha (योनि भ्रंश)
सार्वदैहिक लक्षण - Fatigue, other vataja disorders, produces severe pain in groin region , flanks and                                       gulma etc.
आर्तवस्राव लक्षण - Mensturation appears with sound, is painful, frothy, thin and dry
                               Scanty, blackish and pinkish mensturation.
Chikitsa (चिकित्सा)- Treatment 
- Bring apana vata to normal by giving mild laxatives and vasti.
स्नेहस्वेदवस्त्यादि वात्जास्वनिलापहम |
वातव्याधिहरं कर्म वातार्तानां सदा हितं |
वातार्तानां च योनिनां सेकाभ्यन्गपिचुक्रियः || (च.चि.30/41,47,61)
स्नेहन (Oleation) 
i) Snehana (oleation), Swedana (Sudation) , Basti( enema or Vaginal irrigation), with the drugs capable of suppressing vata should be used.
ii) The treatment prescribed for suppression of vata in general is beneficial.
iii) The oils prepared with the drugs possesing  ushna(hot) and snigda(Unctous) properties should be used as local irrigation(परिषेक), massage(अभ्यङ्ग) and tampons(पिचु).
स्वेदन (Sudation)
Kumbhi(कुम्म्भी- A ewer filled with decoction etc.) or Nadi (नाडी- A pot filled with decoction and attached with a long hallow tube) type of sudation, either with meat soup of aquatic animals or animals living in marshy areas or milk mixed with taila or tandula or else with the drugs capable of suppression of vata . or else anointing yoni(ulva/or vagina) with salt and oil, any one out of ashma (heated stone), prastara(heated rock), sankara (mixed i.e heated ball of drugs either wrapped or unwrapped with cloth), pinda heated ball of drugs), nadi or kumbhi type of sudation should be used.
After sudation, bath with lukewarm water followed by diet mixed with either meat soup medicated with drugs capable of suppression of vata or else meat soup of wild animals should be given.

पिचु (Tampons)

The Tampon of following oils should be used by women suffering from vataja yonivyapad
सैन्धवादि तैल
गुडुच्यादि तैल
रास्नादि तैल
कल्कधारण (Application of paste)
After anointing yoni with lukewarm oil, paste of himsra should be applied locally.
 गुडुच्यादि तैल
oil prepared with अम्ल द्रव्य क्वाथ/स्वरस
बला तैल
बृहत शतावरी घृत
कश्मर्यादि घृत

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