Langali (लाङ्गली ) – GLORIOSA SUPERBA – Static/Plant Poison | Live veda


This belongs to Liliaceae. It is an elegant, climbing hedge plants grows in Mysore and in low jungles throughout India and flowers are bloom about the end of the monsoon, Its root is juicy, tuberous and flattened or cylindrical.

A) Active principle -

It contain as active bitter principles. 

i) Superbine
ii) Colchinie

B) Uses -
It is used for stomachache and is antipyretic in 0.3 to 0.6 gm doses. Up to 0.75 gm, it is not poison but beyond that it has possibly the same poisonous action as squill.

C) Signs and Symptoms
1. Burning and numbness in the mouth and throat
2. Nausea
3. Purging, ataxia, spasm, convulsions
4. Profuse sweating 
5. Respiratory failure

D) Fatal dose and Fatal period - Not definite

E) Management - Treat shock and maintain blood pressure

F) Post mortem appearance - No specific features.

G) Medico-legal Importance - Generally used as abortifacient.

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