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Kaphaja Yonivyapad (कफज योनिव्यापद)

कफोsभिष्यन्दीभिर्वृद्धो योनिं चेद् दुशयेत स्त्रियाः |
स कुर्यात पिच्छिलां शीताम् कन्दुग्रस्थाल्पवेदनां ||
पाण्डुवर्णां तथा पाण्डुपिक्चिलार्तवाहिनिम् || (च.चि 30/13-14)

Kapha, vitiated due to excessive use of abhishyandi (articles producing oozing or serious effusion) substances reaches reproductive system and causes unctuousness, coldness, itching and dull pain in vagina. The women looks anemic, and discharges yellowish, unctuous menstrual blood in opinion of charaka.

Chakrapani has equated with kaphaja asrgdara on the basis of yellowish discharges pervaginum are present during intermenstrual period also.

श्लेष्मल पिच्छिला योनिः कण्डुयुक्त अतिशीतल || (सु.उ.38/17)

Sushruta has given only local symptoms as presence of unctuousness, itching and excessive coldness.

Nidana-Samprapti (निदान-संप्राप्ति)

अभिष्यन्दि आदि कफ कारक पदार्थ सेवन
कफ वृद्ध होकर स्त्री कि योनि को दूषित 
   श्लेष्मिक/कफज योनिव्यापद 

Lakshan (लक्षण)

स्थानिक - योनि : पिच्छिल, शीत, कण्डु, अल्पवेदन युक्त ( unctuous, cold, itchy, dull pain in vagina)

सार्वदैहिक - स्त्री पाण्डु वर्ण (Anemic)

आर्तव स्राव - पाण्डु वर्ण पिच्छिल आर्तव स्राव ( Yellowish unctuous discharge)

Treatment (चिकित्सा)

श्लेष्मजासु च रुक्षोष्ण कर्म कुर्यद्विचक्षते || (च.चि. 30/42)

In all shleshmaja yonirogas, ruksha and ushna treatment should be prescribed.

श्लेष्मलायां कतुप्रयाः समुत्रा वस्त्यो हितः || ( च.चि. 30/ 85)

Basti of cows urine mixed with the drugs having predominantly katu properties (katu rasa and katu vipaka) should be given.

Kalka Dharana - Trivrut (श्याम)

बस्ति - कटु प्रधान द्रव्य mixed with गोमूत्र

वर्ति - 1. पिप्पल्यादि वर्ति

2. अर्कादि वर्ति

पथ्य - तैल, सीधु, यावान्न, अभ्यरिष्ट.

  1. पिप्प्ल्यादि वर्ति - पिप्पली, मारीच, सैन्धव, माष, शतहव, कुष्ट- taken in equal quantity, प्रदेशिनी अङ्गुली (index finger) समान योनिविशोधन वर्ति
  2. अर्कादि वर्ति - यवचुर्न and सैन्धव are done bhavana with अर्कदुग्ध and made varti , should be placed repeatedly or for a short time and should follow the परिषेक with सुखोष्ण जल (Lukewarm water).

Sannipataja Yonivyapad (सन्निपतिकी योनिव्यापद)

Charaka says that due to consumption of congenial and non congenial both types of rasas together, all the three doshas situated in the yoni and uterus gets vitiated and produce their particular symptoms. Their is burning sensation, pain in vagina, yellowish and white unctuous vaginal discharges. Her menstrual discharge is also whitish pale and unctuous.

Chakrapani has equated this with sannipataki asrgdara due to presence of bleeding during intermenstrual period also.

Sushruta Vaghbata etc. all have metioned presence of clinical features of all the three doshas.


daha(pitta), shoola(vata) , whitish-yellowish vaginal discharge(Kapha).

Treatment (चिकित्सा)

Mixed treatment prescribed under individual dosha and general and simple treatment should be done.

Purgation (विरेचन) is beneficial.

पिचु (Tampons) - local use of tampons of दोशान्घ्रि and श्रिमदा is beneficial.

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