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Karma Yoga means that you can achieve a blissful state for yourself by engaging in cats of selfless service and keeping way from negative thoughts and actions.

Yoga means the merging of ' Jeevatma' in 'Paramatma'. For this Karma Yoga prescribes unselfish action. All actions are rewarded by results. Yet, an action becomes 'Niswartha Karma' only when it is done without desire for the fruit of action. All the actions when carried out as on offering to God and with the adequate attention, become paths to Moksha. In the Bhagavad Gita it is thus mentioned about Karma Yoga - or the Yoga of action. 

तस्माद असक्तः सततं कार्यं कर्म संमाचर | असक्तो ह्यचरण कर्म परम् आप्नोति पुरुषः ||

' Therefore, cons tartly perform your obligatory duty without attachment. By performing unattached action, man verify attains the supreme'. The results of the action are to be offering to God. Here, it is required that a person sacrifices his personal ego. 

He should see God in the society around him. The concept of action, without any desire for its fruits, is the core of Karma Yoga. " The manner in which a man realizes his own divinity through works and duty " (Swami Vivekananda).


Bhakti Yoga is a spiritual path or spiritual practice within Hinduism focused on the cultivation of love and devotion towards God. It means to realize God.

Bhakti Yoga is a science of emotion. Indian culture gives several techniques to refine the emotions and this is contained in what is called Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti Yoga, the science of emotions, helps to train our emotional faculty, makes us mature, to have love for our nation and the society in tune with universal brotherhood. Surrender is the core emotion of Bhakti Yoga. This has been indicated clearly in the Bhagavad Gita.

तेषाम अहं समुधर्त मृत्युसंसारसागरात | भवामि नचिरात पार्थं मय्य आवेशितचेतसाम || ( गीता 12.7)

It means : Fix your mind on 'ME' alone, let your thought dwell on 'ME'. You will hereafter live in 'ME' alone. Of this there is no doubt.

"Bhakti is the science of higher love. Bhakti Yoga does not say, give up, it only says Love; Love the Highest" (Swami Vivekananda). Love is the natural impetus to union in the human heart. The object of Bhakti is God.

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