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 In this family of Euphorbiaceae comes which includes Euphorbia antiqorum, Euphorbia nerifolia, Euphorbia tricalli are major ones. From its branches and leaves milky latex occurs.

Synonyms - Thuhar, Sehund, Thar, Manasa seej, Muthiya seej, Kantalo etc.

Active principles - a) Euphorbia

                                         b) Calcium Mandelate

Signs and Symptoms

i) When Snuhi milk comes in contact with skin that produces burning sensation, inflammation,

ii) Milky latex in contact with eyes results in severe conjunctivitis, inflammation of eyes and burning of eyes.

iii) When consumed internally it causes severe vomiting, Diarrhea and at last patient faints.

Fatal Dose - Uncertain

Fatal Period - Uncertain

Management/Treatment -

1) Common Treatment principles

2) Same as That of Arka treatment i.e chincha and Gairika usage.

3) Vamana and Virechana hara medicines

4) Symptomatic treatment

Post-Mortem Appearance

There is no special feature 

Medico-legal Importance

Snuhi Milk is used in Ilegal Abortion of baby.

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