Chitraka (चित्रक) – Plumbago zeylanica- Static/Plant Poison | Liveveda



It belongs to the family Plumbaginaceae. It is cultivated all over India

It has two varieties based on color of flower

  1. Plumbago zeylanica (श्वेत चित्रक- white)
  2. Plumbago indica ( रक्त चित्रक- red)

Active principles


Signs and Symptoms

  1. Burning sensations in throat, stomach and entire body
  2. vomiting
  3. diarrhea
  4. Arrhythmia
  5. Difficulty in micturition
  6. If it is taken in pregnancy, abortion in 3 -6 hrs

Fatal dose


Fatal perod


Management/ Treatment

Symptomatic treatment

Post-mortem Appearance

  1. Inflammation in intestines
  2. pupils dilated, froath in mouth
  3. Gastro intestinal tract becomes swollen

Medico-legal Importance

  1. Generally it is not used in homicidal and suicidal purpose
  2. Mainly for Abortifacient
  3. Cattle poisoning

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