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It belongs to Euphorbiaceae family. It is found all over India. Its height is about 8 - 15 feet in length. It is of two varieties on basis of colour i.e white and red. The seeds of castor are more toxic part.

Active principles

  1. Ricin
  2. Ricinine

Signs and Symptoms

A) By taking Seeds -

  1. Burning in throat and giddiness
  2. suffocation in chest and severe pain
  3. vomiting
  4. Dysentery, fainting
  5. coma and at last death

B) By smelling seeds - Dyspnea, Diarrhea, irritant

C) In contact with skin - Redness of skin, boils formation

Fatal dose

8-10 seeds (6 gm of Ricin)

Fatal Period

Few days

Management / Treatment

  1. General treatment procedures
  2. Stomach wash
  3. Symptomatic treatment

Post-mortem appearance

Traces of eranda can be found in G.I tract, swelling

Medico-legal Importance

  1. Seeds of eranda can be mixed with food and used as homicidal poison
  2. Accidental death in case of children

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