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It belongs to family of Euphorbiaceae and is a tropical hedge plant seen all over India. Seeds are oval, dark brown, longitudinal lines, and resemble one variety of castor seeds.

Synonyms -

जेपाल, दन्तीबीज, रेचक, सारक, विभेदक etc.

Active principles

  1. Croton (toxalbumin)
  2. Crotonoside (glycoside)

Signs and Symptoms

  1. These are similar to poisoning by rici.
  2. The oil causes blistering externally.
  3. On ingestion causes severe gastro-intestinal irritation with burning pain in the abdomen, vomiting, powerful purging and frequently a burning pain at the anus.
  4. In substantial dosage, collapse precedes death.

Fatal dose

In children - 1 seed will causes severe symptoms and 3 drops of the oil have proved fatal in a child of one year.

In adults - Four seeds have produced death, and 20 drops of the oil have proved fatal to adults, through recovery has been recorded after 15 ml of the impurity.

Fatal period -

Death may occur in a few hours, about four to six, or may be delayed for few days, about 3 to 6.


  1. Decontamination (stomach wash, activated charcoal and cathartics)
  2. Maintenance of fluid and electrolyte balance
  3. Supportive measures.

Post-mortem appearance

Gastro-intestinal and renal congestion.

Medico-legal Importance

  1. Most of the cases are accidental in nature arising out of therapeutic misuse or mistaken ingestion of seeds, especially by children.
  2. Suicidal and homicidal cases are rare.

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