Gara Visha (गर विष) – Artificial Poisoning

Gara Visha


  • गर = गृ + अच् which means to diglute (liquid - thinner by adding solvent) or could be digluted which generally indicates the liquid forms.
  • गर - Poison
  • Gara Visha is also called/considered as कृत्रिम विष in ayurveda which gets formed by combination of two or more non poisonous or poisonous drug and ultimately vitiating all dhatus in the body. It can go to such extent that alleviates dhatus drastically which in turn could prove to be fatal.

Definition (परिभाषा)

  1. Combination of parts of body and excreta of different animals, incompatible drugs (विरुध औषधि) , ashes and poisonous substances of mild potency is known as garavisha. (अ.हृ.उ. 34/४९)
  2. गरसंयोगजं चान्यद् गरसंज्ञा गरप्रदं | कालान्तरविपस्कत्वान्न तदाशु हरत्यासून || (च.चि.२३/१४) Gara is a toxic combination of substances, non poisonous or which exert toxic effect after interval of some time and as such doesnot kill the person instantly.

Method of Poisoning (विष प्रयोग)

Acharya Charaka (ch.chi. 23/233) - That women serve food mixed with their sweat, menstrual blood or different types excreta of their body to gain favor from their husband or under influence of enemies they may administer gara visha along with food.

Features of Gara Visha ( गर विष लक्षण)

  1. Body becomes pale (पाण्डु) and emaciated (कृश)
  2. poor digestion (अल्पाग्नि)
  3. Suffers from palpation of heart.
  4. आध्मान - flatulence
  5. edema or selling in hands and legs
  6. उदर रोग
  7. ग्रहानि रोग, क्षय
  8. गुल्म and ज्वर.

According to Yogaratnakara - Gara visha consumption shows its impact on the body after 15 days or once month of duration leading to manifestation of symptoms like laziness, heaviness, cough, dyspnea, loss of strength, hemorrhage, edema and yellowish discoloration of eyes.


Acharya Vagbhata has described further that suffering from these and many other difficult and dreadfull secondary affections; the patient of artificial poisoning dies, very soon who does not get immediate treatment.

Treatment (चिकित्सा)

  1. Assessing the patient
  2. Treatment -
    1. shodhana (शोधन) - Emetic therapy given after assessment . Should administer fine powder of copper along with honey for cleansing of heart (ह्रुविशोधन).
    2. Hemaprashana (हेमप्राशन) - When the heart cleansed, patient is given 1 शाणा of hema churna , Hema (gold) controls all poisons and poisonous combinations. poison doesnot adhere in the body on taking hema like water on lotus leaf.
    3. Agadapana (अगदपान) (Antidote) - Buffalo ghee cooked with नागदन्ति , त्रिवृत, दन्ति, द्रवन्ति, Milky latex of snuhi and madana phala , along with आढक of cow's urine is useful in curing patients suffering from the poisons of snake, insects and from gara.

Symptomatic treatment

  1. मन्दाग्नि - churna of मूर्वा, अमृत, नट, कण, पटोल, चाव्य, चित्रक, वचा, मुस्ता, विडङ्ग mixed with takra (butter milk), warm water and taken as Anupana.
  2. श्वास , कासा and हिक्का - triphala and ghee prepared kwatha.

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