Viruddhahara- विरुद्धाहार (Incompatible Food)

virrudha ahara

Certain diet and its combinations, which interrupts the metabolism of tissue, which inhibits the process of formation of tissue and which have the opposite property to the tissue are called as Viruddha Anna or incompatible diet. The food which is wrong in combination, has undergone wrong processing, consumed in incorrect dose, and/or consumed in incorrect time of the day and in wrong season can lead to Viruddha Ahara.

Examples of incompatibility/antagonistic (Viruddha-Aahara)

  1. Veerya Viruddha (potency incompatibility) — fish + milk.
  2. Sanskar Viruddha (processing incompatibility) — heated honey.
  3. Matra Viruddha (dose incompatibility) — honey + cow's ghee mixed in equal proportion.
  4. Krama Viruddha — hot water after taking honey.
  5. Kala Viruddha — (time incompatibility) pungent substance in summer and cold substances in winter.
  6. Krama Viruddha (order incompatibility) — consuming curd at night. Taking Madhura Rasa food or Dravya at the end of meals and Tikta and Katu Rasa Dravyas (food substances) at the starting of meals.
  7. Samyoga Viruddha (combination incompatibility) — fruit salad or milk + banana.
  8. Parihar Viruddha (contraindication incompatibility) — consuming cold water immediately after having hot tea or coffee.

Features (लक्षण)

उत्क्लेश्य दोषान्न हरेद् द्रव्यं यक्तसमासतः | विरुद्धं तध्दि धातूनां प्रत्यनिकतया स्थितं || (अ.हृ.सू. ९/२४)

The Substance which causes Utklesha of doshas but do not expel them out of the body and also which possess the contradictory qualities of the bodily dhatus, is called Virudha Ahara (Incompatible food).

Factors Causing Dietic Incompatibility

There are eighteen types of food incompatibilities described in Charaka Samhita . They are :

  1. Deshaviruddha (Place incompatibility) E.g. Hot and sharp in arid place. Cold and unctuous in marshy in marshy place.
  2. Kalaviruddha (Time incompatibility) E.g. Cold and dry in cold season. Spicy and hot in summer.
  3. Agniviruddha (Digestion incompatibility) E.g. In take of heavy food when the power of digestion is mild (mandagni), intake of light food when the power of digestion is high (tikshna), similarly intake of food at variance with irregular and normal power of digestion come under this.
  4. Matraviruddha (Dose incompatibility) E.g. Honey and Ghee in equal quantities.
  5. Satmyaviruddha (Habit incompatibility) E.g. Very spicy food to a person who is not habituated to it.
  6. Doshaviruddha (Humor incompatibility) which aggravates any of the humors.
  7. Samskaraviruddha (Process incompatibility) Incompatible due to improper cooking process E.g. Pigeon fried in mustard oil.
  8. Viryaviruddha (Potency incompatibility) Combining of substances of opposing potencies.
  9. Kostaviruddha (Gut incompatibility) Not suitable for the type of koshta. E.g. Strong purgatives in mrudukoshta and light laxative in krurakoshta.
  10. Avasthavirudha (Condition incompatibility) Not suitable to the condition of the consumer. E.g. Kaphavardhaka ahara to a excessive sleeping person.
  11. Kramaviruddha (Order incompatibility) A person under natural urges should clear it and have food. E.g. Dining with the urge or taking the food without appetite is incompatible.
  12. Pariharaviruddha (Proscriptions incompatibility) To expose to unfavorable conditions after food E.g. To expose to heat after heating pork.
  13. Upacharaviruddha (Prescription incompatibility) Use of thingd those are to be avoided before or after food. E.g. To expose to cold after consuming ghee.
  14. Pakaviruddha (Cooking incompatibility) Improperly cooked. E.g. Use of bad fuel for cook or overcooked and uncooked food.
  15. Samyogaviruddha (Combination incompatibility) E.g. Milk with acidic fruits.
  16. Hrudayaviruddha (Mental incompatibility) Objectable tp mind E.g. Meat for a strict vegetarian.
  17. Sampad-viruddha (Maturity incompatibility) Immature or over mature substances which do not have desirable qualities.
  18. Vidhiviruddha (Regulation incompatibility) Against the rules of consuming food. E.g. Eating without privacy.

Bad Effects of Viruddha ahara

  1. Paralysis
  2. Blindness
  3. Skin diseases
  4. Mental disorders
  5. Giddiness
  6. Kushta, shotha, Amlapitta
  7. fever, diarrhea
  8. Death etc.

Treatment for diseases obtained from virrudha ahara

  1. Nidana Parivarjana
  2. Vamana
  3. Virechana
  4. Tikshna Nasya

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