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Live veda here is the site where all knowledge and Information about BAMS course, Its Syllabus, Its Topics , Notes and their related Books are been available. Its Main focus Is on Health , Hygiene, Ayurveda, Medicine and Its related aspects

Why the Live Veda ?

you may be wondering why the name live veda has come as the name does not resembles the topic . As we know that Ayurveda is the root of Indian Ancient Medicine and its main aim to remove diseases and maintain healthy body and healthy lifestyle so, for the purpose of living it we are studying ayurveda Here we came to this name as you wonder.For the students who are studying in course Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery the Live Ayurveda is the best platform for notes , books and gain knowledge about it.

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I am Hanmanth Raj currently Studying in Ayurvedic college in Bidar district , In karnataka state I have not yet become physician to guide you but I will try to come with many such ideas to impress you and post some useful information that can help those who are in need . support us as we are need of it.

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